Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hawaii - Week 1

Aloha!  It's the rainy season on the Kona Coast, but you'd hardly know it based on the weather this week - some rain on Saturday and Friday nights, and sunshine the rest of the time.  It's warm, but not obnoxiously hot...if race day is the same temperature as this week, it won't be miserable...

In seven days I've made three trips to the market, each time coming home with a backpack full of fruits and veg, and never spending more than $19 at a time (one trip was only $3.50 but I'm pretty sure the cashier's math was off). 
Ten papayas for $2!!
After taking two weeks off from swimming post-Louisville to allow for my ribs to heal, I've been back in the water every day this week - once in the Pacific, the rest at the Kona Community Aquatic Centre, an outdoor 50 metre pool that's divided up into 19 lanes of 25 yards.  The best part is it's FREE!  The next best part is my blanched Scottish complexion is getting a bit of colour.

Free swimming!
Over 660K of riding this week - might be my biggest week ever of cycling.  Most of the rides are out on the Queen Ka'ahumanu highway, where the scenery is basically this for 60K north of town:

Cyclist takes wrong turn and ends up on the moon.
Not feeling super fast on the bike, but it's hard to go fast when you're trying to shoot photos of the landscape, and self-portraits along the way...will leave the camera at home next week and focus on wattage more closely.

Have been running short and easy routes regularly, but won't push the tempo or the distance until next week, which will be three full weeks since Louisville.  I was happy to have this tune pop on my ipod during today's run though, as I've been trying to get used to pace per mile as opposed to pace per kilometre (as we're in the land of imperialists), and this song coming in at 7:19 lasts LONGER than a full mile, which is sweet.  And Jack White just shreds the guitar solos, which is more amazing than a basket of chicken wings.

Beach reading this week was book one in George R.R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series...'A Game of Thrones', which HBO turned into a television series ths year.  I watched the series first, and it was excellent, and now that I've read the book I'm super impressed with how faithfully they adapted the text to the screen.  Season 2, which covers the second book, 'A Clash of Kings' is due to start in April 2012 so you have seven months to read book one, watch season one, and be caught up.

This takes 'Death before DNF' to the next level...
Please excuse me whilst I drink the milk of the poppy to ease my suffering from that 180K bike ride...

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  1. im drooling for the fruit (and weather)!! and am excited about the BLOG :)
    love the self portrait!