Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hawaii - Week 2

Big changes in Kailua town this week - more athletes showing up every day, and the 'welcome triathletes' signs are being hung all over town.  The amount of heckling directed my way while I've been out cycling and running has increased as well, based on this I'm deducing that there's a direct relationship between the number of triathletes in town and the frustration levels of certain locals.  The vast majority of the locals are super friendly, lots of people curious why athletes are here so 'early', and also wanting to know if triathlon is my 'full time job'.

The bulk of the race-related changes seemed to happen on Thursday - caution signs posted out on the highway, and the swim buoys placed along the swim course along with stand-up paddleboarders in the water in the mornings to keep us safe.  Apparently a cyclist was hit by a car on Wednesday and taken away in an ambulance, that may have influenced the caution signs going out on the highway the next morning...or maybe it was coincidence. 
Should read Caution: Lots of crazy, crazy people on the roads.

Training-wise, it was a splendid week.  Last week I lay down a lot of volume, but felt sluggish and didn't have a lot of speed or power.  This week I matched the volume, and was able to push the intensity to get some quality work done.  Metrics:

Swimming: 5h37m, 19K (biggest week of swimming since January of 2000!)
Cycling: 18h13m, 597K
Running: 7h10m, 100K

Saturday-Sunday was a 'race simulation' weekend, Saturday AM I did the full bike course and put out the same average power and normalized power that I held in Louisville (which will be my goal power totals here as well).  It was super windy on the way back into town, but mentally it's been good to tough out the winds solo in training - will make it that much easier with some people around on race day.  So many other cyclists on the course which was fun to see!  Checking out all the gorgeous bikes helps make the 180K go by a bit faster.  Sunday AM I ran 30K (just over 18 miles), with 14 miles at a steady Ironman race pace, then 4 miles about 8% faster.  Was my fastest 30K training run since May - here's the Garmin data:

The biggest result of all this training is my body is craving food like it never has before...luckily the produce is fresh and local, as is the seafood, and my condo kitchen is fully stocked.  
1.5 POUNDS of ahi tuna for $9.

My Hobbit-esque eating schedule - cereal and coffee pre-AM workout, fruit, bread w almond butter and honey, choco milk post AM workout, sandwiches or burritos pre-PM workout, cheese and crackers while making dinner, then a ton of big salads with seared tuna, quinoa, and whatever veg looks good at the market.  During-workout meals are decidedly less natural and healthy, predominantly Gatorade and Snickers bars. 
Post-workout snack on the lanai
If, after all that consumption, I still haven't hit my calorie target for the day, a Longboard Lager from the Kona Brewing Company down by the ocean to catch one of the phenomenal Kona sunsets is a good way to top off the tank and reflect on a good days' work.
One more week of hard work before starting to taper on Sunday - Team Imrie will be here in full effect by then, excited to have the crew here and to explore this big island!

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