Monday, 3 October 2011

Hawaii - Week 3

Final week of real training ahead of race week - managed to stay healthy, energized, and didn't do anything unfortunate (such as fall off my bike and bruise ribs like pre-Louisville).  Excited to share race week with Team Imrie, who flew in safely on Saturday!

Swimming - 6h, 21K
Biggest week of swimming since University (topping last week), with more than half the mileage being out in the Pacific on the race course.  I swam the full course four times, and it seems significantly farther than I expected...the turnaround is waaaaay out there.  However, the scenery during the swim is magnificent compared to almost any other swim, never mind the murkiness of the Ohio River that we swam through in Kentucky.  Lots of coral, continuous schools of small fish, a pod of spinner dolphins that hangs out about a third of the way out on the course (and apparently mate in front of Kiwi swimmers, as I've been told), as well as a cool-as-a-sea-cucumber sea turtle that I almost swam straight into...which freaked me out, and didn't concern him at all.
What, me worry?
Cycling - 17h20m, 557K
Slight reduction in riding from last week, rode the full course on Wednesday (hardly any wind), the last 30K with Kenny, a guy from Arizona who was super strong on the bike, fun to get dragged along by someone faster.  Had my last hard ride on Saturday, out to Kawaihae and back with a few 10K efforts to keep the legs honest one week before the big race.  The ride is running well, it's race-ready except for the possibility of adding race wheels if there's any available at the expo.  If not I'll go with the non-aero HED Belgium rear (with PowerTap, so data will be useful), and a Carbotec 30mm front wheel which will handle fine in the wind.  Not as deep as other options, but it's a super light wheel.  Michelin latex tubes and Michelin ProRace3 tyres.

Running - 5h27m, 75K
Larger drop in volume here as running beats the body up more.  Threw in a bit of quality this week - 3*1 mile tempo during a 16K run on Tuesday, then the last 3 miles at effort during a 24K long run on Thursday.  Going to race in my Puma RoadRacer 4's - never run a marathon in racing flats, but the two pairs of trainers I brought with me are shot and don't want to break in new shoes pre-race...we'll see if the feet hold up.
Orange Crushers
Another week closer to race day, another influx of triathletes - lots of fun people hanging around town this week.  Met up with a whole gang of New Zealanders down at the pier, all very happy to be taking a break from their winter to come north for some summer weather.  Finally searched out some fish tacos, washed down with a nice yerba mate tea at Lava Java - had to take advantage of the lack of lineups this week before the place gets absolutely rammed on race week.  Also searched out a potential business development opportunity for Cineplex Entertainment - the old Kona Theatre, built in 1929, has been for sale since December 2010!  It needs juuuust a bit of work...

I'll pitch the acquisition when I'm back in the office mid-October and see if I can get sent back here to oversee the project...

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