Monday, 13 February 2012

Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is a mountain in the Laurentian mountain range in Quebec, just over 100K from both Montreal and Ottawa.  The name of the mountain is French for 'trembling mountain' which was the name the local Algonquin natives called the mountain before Samuel de Champlain, the 'Father of New France' brought the Europeans to settle the area. We were in town with a motley crew over the weekend for some skiing, suds and shenanigans. 
Les Pistes!

Seeing how I'm a blue-run skier at best, I stayed off the slopes but got in a few runs around the Tremblant Ironman run course.  Most of the course is on an old rail bed that is transformed into cross-country ski trails in the winter, so I stayed on the roads that are close to the course.  That race is going to be a certified quad-buster, my legs were thoroughly trashed after 50K of up-and-down.  The following elevation chart doesn't do the course justice as Garmin Connect's scale is terrible and you can't adjust it:

For comparison purposes, check out the elevation gain on this 30K run versus the two Ironman marathons I ran in 2011:

Tremblant 30K: 408 metres (574 metres prorated over 42.2K).
Hawaii Marathon: 230 metres.
Louisville Marathon: 55 metres.

I much prefer the rolling terrain in Hawaii to the steep ups and downs in Tremblant - I find it punishing to brake going down steep hills, and rollers allow you to get into a better running rhythm.  The area is beautiful though, and I'm sure the community will put on a great show on August 19th for those that are racing.
The weekend's theme was 'The Last Waltz' and the crew killed it, just like Van Morrison on the actual Last Waltz night:

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