Thursday, 8 March 2012

Green Mountain State

The great state of Vermont got its name from Reverand Peters, who, while visiting the area in 1761, performed a ceremony on top of one of the many green coloured hills to declare the area 'Verd Mont'.   In March, this area would be more aptly named 'Mont Blanc' with all the snow, however there's a certain mountain in the French Alps that's already laid claim to that name. 

I spent the past weekend in Jeffersonville, Vermont, where two great friends got married on their mutual birthdays.  They'd spent a year scoping out the area, getting to know the local businesses, and putting together a phenomenal party for their friends and family.  The lead-up to the wedding day was filled with skiing, delicious microbrews, amazing locally sourced food, and huge amounts of laughs.  

Food highlights included smoked prime rib, huge assortment of local cheeses, delicious pork sausage, quinoa salad with the wedding dinner, and apple-spiced doughnuts topped with ice cream in lieu of wedding cake.  The most decadent meal of the weekend, however, was the creme brulee french toast served up at The Mix - not many foods 'beat' me, but this one did, it was so rich.  
The officiant for the wedding was the brother-in-law of the groom, Adam Kreek, who in addition to being an officiant and all-around kick ass guy, is an Olympic Gold Medalist and three-time world champion rower.  Triathletes may remember that Simon Whitfield wrote 'Sing Like Kreek' on his handlebars in Beijing, to give him motivation to dig deep so that Simon could also belt out the national anthem on the podium like Adam had a few days earlier.
Sing like Kreek!
Adam and I had a great talk about high performance athletics: what it takes to be the best, and the value of surrounding yourself with other high calibre athletes.  He's a super interesting guy, and if you get a chance to hear him speak, or are looking for a speaker for an event, you should seek him out.  This Friday he's also gunning for a Guiness world record for the largest rowing class.

Here's him and the crew belting out our national anthem - pretty good motivator to get out the door and finish this day off with a run!

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